Ken-Glo Neon Clocks

Belfast Sparkling Water
Belfast side viewBelfast, Red, White & Blue

Ken-Glo Neon Clocks are top quality reproductions, styled after the popular Glo-Dial advertising clocks of the 1940s and 1950s.

Each clock is custom made by us, the manufacturer. We specialize in personalizing the clock glass!


Powder coated steel, gloss black body and bezel
Synchronized clock movements; 120VAC, 60hz
On and off neon switch
Choice of neon colors

Now in it's 34th year, Ken-Glo Neon Clocks have been featured on television, in newspapers and magazines. They are purchased for use in homes, restaurants, offices, retail stores, and business lobbies. A Ken-Glo Neon Clock would make a fine gift for any of the following:

                   Birthday     Holiday     Wedding     Retirement     Anniversary
                      Business Promotion     Special Award     Home Theater

 About Us

Each Ken-Glo Clock is custom made and assembled by Ken Baisa, a San Francisco Bay Area native, who has over 30 years in the manufacturing, quality and engineering fields, assuring you the finest quality workmanship.

Ken started collecting neon clocks during the 1970s and had a special fondness for the style of clocks made by the Glo-Dial Clock Company of Los Angeles. This was his inspiration for starting Ken-Glo Clocks, Inc., in 1983.

Ken applies the same unique graphics found on Glo-Dial Clocks to his line of Ken-Glo Clocks. Teaming up with his associate and long-time friend, Alan Gianoli, who designs the glass graphics and layouts, Ken produces clocks of the highest quality and lasting value.

 Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact Ken Baisa at:

Our phone number is (650) 591-1814 or (209) 223-4672. Pacific Standard Time.

(Sorry, we're not set up to accept charge cards. Money orders, personal checks are fine. Please call.)

Thank You!

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